Sydney Lesson 01 : Building and Keeping Silaturahmi

Starting from now, i will blogging in English. I understand my English is still really bad, but i will try to deliver my story to you with a language that i will use in the next one and a half year. I hope you understand what i am talking about :).

It is almost two weeks i stay in Sydney. There are good and bad things happened, and i want to make them all as my learning. However, one point that most knock me off is, live far away from my family and my friends make me start to feel how much i need them. In the place that i don’t know about the culture and social life, i try hard to understand my surrounding and place my self in appropriate way without throw my true culture and identity. It is really hard, even i have stayed here two weeks. People speak English really fast with accent that i am not familiar, and also, they seen having difficulties to understand what am i talking, whether it because of my bad grammar or my accent, i don’t know.

However, that language problem doesn’t make me stressful as i have it in my academic activities. I often miss some points of the lecturers and seminars as i can’t hear what lecture say. I just remember, how easy i ace my problem in my Undergraduate when i have friend beside me. Ihdal, Karin, Sarah, Fitri (Alm). I just simply ask help from them.. ‘I don’t understand’, ‘lets study together’. We keep doing that almost until we finished our degree and get satisfied result because of that. As the most ‘Galau’ member of the team, i often confide what inside my head and my heart to them, laugh and cry together sharing our life. I also remember GAMUS and SEARCH Family, which i got several best friend that really opens many opportunities to me, such as to increase my emotional skill in facing problem, teaching me how to master and win national and international debate and paper competition, introduce me to a lot of new place and new experience. I can’t name them one buy one, but  i indebted some part of my life to them. Utari, Btari, Nadia, is my cutest briliant junior that help me so much to find potency in myself, So as Himsa and Feni, whom i learn much to keep positive mind and keep on the ‘true track’,  also my senior, kang ubim, kang azmi, teh marhen, kang bagus.. So many people i have to name it.

I grateful for not really alone here. I have friends from LPDP that really save me from homesick as we often spend our time together, and i have my room mates, Bela whom i spent most of my time in this one week.  Yet still i can’t make friends as easy as in My country because of language barrier.

There is Africa Proverbs I remember “I you want go far, go together. If you want go fast, go Alone”. However for me, go together will help me whether to go far or fast.

So, silaturahmi, which you can say  ‘relationship’ or ‘togetherness’ will help us to face our problems, also to reach something we never imagined if we smart enough to filter it.

I also have ever read a hadist say

“There are two people who their pray will be granted by God. They who walk to do worship, and they who walk for silaturahmi”

So, do not break Silaturahmi 🙂


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