Future : The Ideal or The Prospective?

Hello.. It has been long time I didn’t open this online press. Sometimes real life just so exhausting as it took the time offhand. So this is the first time I come back again after one or two semesters. Nice to see you again J

Very reasonable for every people in around 20 years old to over think what they want to be, what job they will choose, what is kind of life they want, and so on. That is called contemplation of metamorphose progress. It’s because there are so many choices they have, yet lack of probability calculation as future keeps great secret for everyone.

To make simple of the whole choices we have, let’s divide it into two types, Ideal future, or prospective future. Can we have both? Yes, but sometimes reality just too fierce to gives us that kind of opportunity. Let’s talk about the ideal future first, what is it actually? Ideal future is the future that every people in this world dream of. So if we are in the last semester and we must move from our soft college seat, then we have to get the job as soon as possible after our graduation, meet our ideal boy/girl that has beautiful face, fine body, wealthy, smart and come from honored family. Then we will work maximum five years to be promoted to be manager, buy a car and pay off our home and so on. That sounds really exhilarate and most people just want that. But do you know, what cost we must pay for this option? There is no number to answer this, but obviously we must make our self ready to fight and win, whatever we face in front of us. So, how do if we lose? Lose means not an ideal, to make it ideal you must win no matter the consequences, and that’s why sometimes people just do the crime innocently and willingly to keep their life ideal. Corruption, collusion, nepotism, you name it.

And what about the prospective future is? It’s the future that not many people willing to have, but you believe it will make us charmed in long run. So in the last semester we are not affected by others judging of what our future should be. We are out of those stereotypes and choose our own future. We don’t make your plan in a hurry to join job fair and hunt a job. We are not marrying the sexiest and richest girl in our hometown, and sometime people just underrate our future. In fact, we can’t agree more that in the success, there must contained happiness. If you have small business, you are not persuaded to leave your business for $1000USD / month salary. You stick at your business because you believe of its prospect. If you have group band, you stand at it even when you got critics from so many parties as it doesn’t give you fix income at all. But that is the prospective one!

Finally we agree the differentiation between those is about who the driver is. Is it other people or yourself? Surely it’s very hard to have two drivers in vehicle, but it depends what kind of vehicle is it actually. So which one do you choose? I prefer the prospective one. Sometimes others will disparage our choice, but it’s very pleased when we can show that our choice is not the bad as hell.


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